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City Mix produces a wide range of ready mix concrete for a variety of commercial and residential applications, from curbs and sidewalks to foundations, roadways and buildings. Specialty mix formations such as SCC and Tremie concrete provide a wide range of enhancements for specific applications.

Specialty Mix Formations


Applications include:
Utility trench back fill
Road cuts
Foundation wall back fill
Underground tank filling

Coloured Concrete

For an aesthetically appealing coloured concrete, we offer a range of colours and textures. For a complete list and visual references please visit the Scofield website.

Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Whether you are looking for a structural fiber to eliminate the need for re-bar or microfibers to reduce plastic shrinkage cracking, we have the right product for you!


Tremie is a method of placing concrete under water through a pipe or tube.


Self-compacting concrete is self-leveling and flows easily through high congested forms. It is highly flowable and can move into place under its own weight and achieve good consolidation without internal or external vibration, and without exhibiting defects due to segregation and bleeding.

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